What are Brugmansia?

A little about the Brugmansia…..

Brugmansia are easily grown in a moist, fertile, well-drained soil, in full sun to part shade, in frost-free climates. They begin to flower in mid to late spring in warm climates and continue into autumn, often continuing as late as early winter in warm conditions.

In cool winters, outdoor plants need protection, but the roots are hardy and will resprout in April or May.

The name Angel’s Trumpet refers to the large, very dramatic, pendulous trumpet-shaped flowers, 14–50 cm to 20 inches long and 10–35 cm across at the wide end. They are white, yellow, pink, orange or red. Flowers may be single or double, triple even quadruple!


Brugmansia give off one of the most wonderful and sought after scents in the world of flowers. Lemon, citrus tones infused with minty, floral undertones. In the evening the fragrance reaches its maximum,  we often receive inquiries from neighbours as to where this wonderful fragrance comes from! When they see the flowers they cannot resist taking a plant away with them!

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