Brugmansia Care

Brugmansia is a plant that needs a lot of water and fertilizer. Brugmansia do well grown in containers and will require daily watering during warm summer months.

If you put it in a big pot, the plant will grow bigger. We recommend you to use a light soil-based compost (Multi-Purpose Compost with added John Innes).

Miracle Grow is a good chemical fertilizer that will encourage more blooms, although any 20-20-20 fertilizer will be fine to use.

Winter Care…..

Brugmansia need to be protected from freezing temperatures and can be stored in a shed, under the stairs, a cold greenshouse or garage.

Depending on the weather this is normally around the end of October but keep your eye on the weather forecast for freezing temperatures.

Prior to bringing your brugmansia indoors for winter dormancy, it is a good idea cut the plant back. Likewise, outdoor brugmansia plants in warmer southerly climates should also be cut back to the ground and mulched generously. To ensure continuous plants, in the event something goes wrong, you may also want to consider rooting some cuttings taken during pruning to gain extra plants.

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